There is a new model for district leadership in Hudson County school

The main requirement for the next leader of the school district is the capability to focus entirely on instructional issues. All other matters will be concentrated on the other hands. He/she will work together with another district official who is responsible for all other matters and answers directly to the school board, according to the school board president.

The reform

The Hudson County Board of Education president announced all his desires for district development during a Friday meeting with The Jersey Journal’s editorial board. He was one of the initiators to dismiss the School Superintendent a year and a half before her contract expires.

That initiative was kind of risky as a plan to have two administrative heads for the 30,000-student district was connected with some kind of troubles and the nine-member board could disagree with it.

But the argument was strong as it’s hard for only one man to control all administrative spheres at the same time as the result the efficiency of work is low. Moreover, he/she couldn’t concentrate on one important issue as his/her attention would be dispersed over.

The previous Superintendent began her work in 2012 and she signed a contract until June 2020. But the chain of disputes with board members and the local teachers union forced them to vote the decision not to rehire her next year. This step is unusual not only for local but for national school administrative system too.

That situation couldn’t fill concerned party and she began the legal proceedings against the union and the board. She claimed that organization specifically hinder her to accomplish her responsibilities in the proper way. To prevent the scandal the board had to place her on paid administrative leave with $231,000 salary.

There are a business administrator and school superintendents already but the organization plans to establish the new post which will answer directly to the board, not to the superintendent. One of the responsibilities of an assistant superintendent will be the holding contract negotiations with teachers. But such changes need to be approved by state officials.

The situation in the country has an impact on the modification process

When the head of the administrative organization was asked about possible changes of unite structure, he said that in the ideal world where it’s unnecessary to distribute resources among different spheres and all of them are unlimited their present structure can work effectively. But unfortunately, we live in the imperfect world and face with lots of challenges so the reorganization is inevitable. Especially when the council has to solve the problems connected with racial troubles which recently arose around the state and provoked the situation where it’s important to act very carefully.

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